How to Get your Old Girlfriend Back when you Haven’t had Contact for Months

Posted on 22nd October 2011 in Dating Tips

Do you usually think about your part girlfriend that got away? Perhaps back then, it was not ideal for the two of you to be together. Maybe a misunderstanding happened during the relationship. I don’t know, but it’s pretty clear that something went wrong and now you want to find out ho

w to get your old girlfriend back. The whole process actually comes in three stages.

How to Get your Old Girlfriend Back by Communicating with them

If the two of you still don’t communicate with each other then try this right now. A good way to do this is think of a legitimate reason and use it. Try to remember the things that she likes. Is there a way when could tactfully bring these things into focus? For example, if she loves Italian food and you just discovered a newly opened Italian restaurant, you can call her up and let her know about it. There’s a good chance that she will contact you to say thank you. This would lead to the second phase of the process after the two of you have communicated again.

How to Get your Old Girlfriend Back using a Well Laid Plan

So the two of you are communicating again. What should you do next? Just start dating each other again. Try to catch up with each other’s lives by asking her out for coffee. Treat the meeting as though it’s a first date. Don’t opt for a fancy dinner as you are trying to avoid anything over the top. You don’t want her thinking that you’ve already planned the wedding even if the two of you aren’t back together yet. Anyway, try to arrange a few more dates after that first one while keeping it slow. Don’t rush too fast on the relationship and simply take it as slow as possible. Get to know each other again and have fun during that dating process. You might ask her about getting back together again after the two of you have gone to dates several times.

How to Get your Old Girlfriend Back by Discontinuing Old Habits

Now, if the two of you are already back together, you may not bother reading this part. That can be a big mistake. To make this second chance successful, you have to make sure that the situation would be different this time. Are you aware of why the relationship failed last time? If not, find out ASAP so that you won’t be repeating it.

So those are the stages on how to get your old girlfriend back. Essentially, you need to make sure that you contact her again, the two of you start dating again and that all the past problems have been taken care of. Remember that for this relationship to succeed, you need to enjoy the situation and take things slow.

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