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Posted on 22nd November 2011 in Dating Tips

Alright, como enamorar a un hombre… what does that mean. Basically, how to get a man to fall in love with you. This is very beneficial to know, as you can easily apply this to your own situation. Do you remember when you were little kids and didn’t want to play with the boys? A

s we grow older this differences continue and sometimes they are worst. Now we want to be with that special man we love, but we still have a lot of things to learn on how to treat each other. If you are one of those women that question yourself about cmo enamorar a un hombre, I will tell you a basic thing you should know.

This thing Im taking about is related to mens nature, as you know men are less emotional compared to women. Men are less loving by nature and this feature causes a lot of problems in the relationships.

Men have problems with their ability to communicate and there are a lot of things that can prove this (there are even some studies based on this topic). Sometimes they can even say things in a way that will really leave us confused or bereaved.

Complicated, right? But don’t worry, all you have to do is try to listen and try to be patient, this is all about giving some effort and receiving a benefit. Believe me this is easier than it seems and it is really useful specially when you are starting a relation.

As I already mentioned there are some studies about this and guess what? They showed that men have that “special ability” to say things differently from what they have in their minds and this can leave women really confused.

For Example: One instance in a study was about affection. It is usually women who are the ones that display affection towards the man, and if it’s not reciprocated (given back), several women feel hurt and a sense of rejection by this. Yet, when men were asked about such a situation, nearly all of them said they loved the affection, and they thought they were giving equal, if not more affection in return.

The point is they weren’t giving the same type of affection back they thought they were, but did not. So the moral of this is you need to understand just how a man thinks about certain situations, and the “affection study” is a primary example of this. Before being upset or worked up about certain situations, take some time to reflect on how most men think and act on things.

You have to know that even when you see things are happening differently from what you wanted, the meaning they have may be totally different from what you think. As every rule, this also has its exceptions, there are some men that can be really loving and caring; but the most important thing here is for you to have the ability to understand every situation and look at it under different perspective.

So, before thinking he doesn’t care about you, or he thinks less about things, just keep this in mind and realize there is a good chance this could apply to your situation. This is especially a good tip for those who ask como enamorar a un hombre this is great insight for those in all stages of a relationship. Perhaps he cares a little more than you think.

I hope they can be of benefit. I found a cool post about More Tips On Como Enamorar A Un Hombre. Best!

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