Frases Romanticas – Romantic Phrases In Spanish

Posted on 1st December 2011 in Dating Tips

Yes… frases romanticas. I am ever so excited to be writing about these lovely sayings. If you didn’t know until now, it means romantic phrases in English. So let’s get right into it. What is there not to love about frases romanticas? They are ever so lovely, elegant, and

can be used to capture the heart of just about anyone you please. They are memory creators and should be thought of highly and powerful.

Okay, let’s look at just one of the more popular sayings:

“Si tuviese una rosa para cada vez que pienso en ti, estara siempre paseando por un jardn”

This Translates To:

If I have a rose for every time I think of you, I would be walking through an everlasting garden.

Wow. My goodness that is of extreme beauty and can be used by either woman or man. And, rumors aside, many men love hearing these sayings just as much as women. Although many men may not show this often, it is very true.

This is my view: You shouldn’t ever question using such lovely sayings on a person you care for. If you feel it, go with it. Never have regrets about thinking “Could have, should have, would have” as that will only haunt you for quite some time to come.

Now, I do realize that a good majority of the population deal with this little thing called nerves (and anxiety) that don’t permit them to say such sayings with great ease. There are a good few that can do this like nothing, but for the most part people deal with nerves all the time.

The one sure way to overcome these nerves and fears is to get rid of all your worries. I know, sounds easier said than done. However, live for the moment and have no regrets. Try to envision overcoming such obstacles before they happen and see yourself completing things at hand with sheer ease. Doing so will help your situation tremendously.

This is something that has worked extremely well for me, and will likely work well for you too.

All in all, these are amazingly beautiful sayings that hold tremendous power. Not many realize this, but they should. Also, it’s okay to get online and look for frases romanticas and other things as such that can be of great benefit.

I hope the tips about Frases Romanticas can be of use.

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