How Do I Win Back My Husband

Posted on 4th December 2011 in Dating Tips

You don’t actually have to be a clinical psychiatrist to win your ex husband back using reverse psychology. It may appear a little silly but basically, it really isn’t. With the use of some basic tactics, you are to get the attention and the interest of your ex husband who is actually

ignoring you.

If your ex husband had made it a point to inform you that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you any longer then you must really act that you don’t want to see him either and that’s the very first action you have to do if you want to get him back. You must never make contact with him via every means of communication possible and that’s the way to actually do that. That basically means absolutely no calling, texting and sending emails; you must never even try to see him, no matter what’s the situations are. When your partner sees you in this fresh light, he will instantly find you more enticing. Ultimately, he’ll miss you and he’ll try to invest some time with you. He’ll find that more exciting rather than acting pathetic and bombarding him with him frantic pleas. You will not only make yourself more desirable to your ex’s eyes, he will also begin to wonder why you never attempted to get in touch with him. This is one way to do reverse psychology. You simply wanted him to think about you. Having your ex miss you is the very first step you needed to do if you wish to get back with him.

The next thing you needed to do is actually another form of psychological technique. Try to have fun by going out with close friends. This will certainly make you forget about the desire of contacting your ex husband. And who knows, he will also learn that you are savoring life even without him. An introvert type of person may find this rough to do. But you must actually push yourself to go out and to have fun.

That will make you appear more mature and will even turn you into a scarce asset. Word has quite possibly returned to your spouse that you’re out enjoying yourself. The truth that you are doing just fine will basically surprise him. And it’s part of a human nature to desire something which isn’t yours anymore. The more that you stop someone access to what they want, the more and more they hunger for it.

And there’s no better way to get back your ex than starting with yourself. Give your ex husband the space he’s asking and give yourself the attention you truly deserve, that’s how you execute this so-called reverse psychology tactics. Though this is not a challenging or tricky process, you will realize that your spouse reacts to you in a more nice and open way. Keeping a relationship maybe difficult at times and you must really work hard to make it last. However, just as they can be challenging, remember that they can also be very satisfying.

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