Older Women Dating Younger Men – Societal Problems

Posted on 9th December 2011 in Dating Tips

Older women dating younger men is generally incorporated into those unwritten rules about what is socially tolerable and what is not. One of the protocols dictates how close in age a dating couple can be, and gender also has a part in this rule.

A lot of people don’t ba

t an eyelid if an more mature man dates somebody a lot younger, but older women dating younger men appears to put those same folks in a state of shock. Why it appears okay for one arrangement and not the other may be the supply of abundant debate. Maybe it has some thing to do with the notion of power; possibly a younger woman is on the lookout for the stability that an older man can offer (after all, guys do take longer to mature); or maybe it is simply because that is just the way it has usually been.

The purpose for bringing this up is that older women dating younger men will often encounter funny looks and quiet comments once they are out on a date. That should not stop you from dating someone that you care about, but it is good to be conscious that such a reaction can, and does happen.

Will some of that matter when the man is younger compared to the woman? In a ideal world it would not cause any issues and people would only assess the relationship on just how much the two people thought about one another. But the reality is that the larger the age discrepancy, the more looks and whispers you’ll acquire.

Nothing says that you have to allow it to trouble you, and you truly shouldn’t. Nevertheless, when you have a thin skin it is a good idea to have a few comebacks ready to go for when someone butts into the business.

That covers the societal significance, but there are practical things to consider. The bigger the age difference, the trickier it might be to discover common hobbies and interests. For example, the older woman might really like to head out dancing to rock and roll, whereas the younger guy may prefer sitting home gaming, or vice-versa. You may need to make some compromises along the way, and that is okay. The key would be to be realistic about finding issues to do together. You need to each be having a good time, so prepare appropriately.

If there’s a big age distinction then you may be much more captivated by the novelty than anything else. That doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings for one another, but you need to be prepared to deal with the situation as soon as the novelty is gone.

An additional issue that rises as the age gap widens is having a standard frame of reference. What that means is the fact that although you might share some interests, you each might look at them totally differently. This could work for and against older women dating younger men, however it does not have to be a main difficulty if you understand what is taking place. Besides, love does not discriminate, so age is only an issue if you make it one.

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