How To Be Chased By The Girl You Like

Posted on 3rd May 2012 in Dating Tips

Every man wants to be chased by women. Well, who does not? It is flattering if women are looking for you instead of you running after them. But, do you have any idea how to do it? If you are one of the guys who are always chasing women, it is time for you to turn the world around. Let them go af

ter you! Here are some ways for you on how a girl pursuits you.

First, you need to be friendly to her. Girls like men who are nice and friendly because these build up trust. Trust is very important to most women. If there is no trust, then girls will never be comfortable having you around. You need to be a shoulder to cry on whenever necessary. Some girls take life too seriously. So, it is your job to give your hand whenever she needs one without any hesitation. This will also provide her some security when she is with you.

Second, be a mystery to her. Do not tell her everything about you. She needs to know you through your words and actions. Let her know your accomplishments from others and not from you. If you brag all your accomplishments to her, she might see as a conceited person. If she knows little about you, then she will try searching more information about you. Girls are impressed with humble and modest men than arrogant and proud men. So remember to be kind to everyone.

Third, be a conversationalist. Girls like to talk almost about everything. If ever, you must make the first move, start a topic you know that you know will interest her. For instance, ask her what she likes about men. Also, through this conversation, you will learn to know her more, like things she like, about her work, hobbies, and things that make her happy. Make her laugh. Women enjoy the company of men who can make them giggle. Tell her funny jokes or something funny that happened to you. If she enjoyed your first date, then, she will certainly say yes to a second date with you.

Lastly, shower her with affection. Girls are passionate about everything. If she likes to be caressed, then caress her. If she wants you to cuddle her, then cuddle her. Send her some flowers to know that you care. But, do not overdo it. Women like to be pampered but not too much. They also want to b independent in some ways. So, give her some space and at the same time. But, let her feel that she is important to you. Let her go out with her friends from time to time. You do not have to be with her all the time. Even you, you need to go out with your friends also.

Honesty and sincerity are two things that you must possess for the girl to chase you. If you are untrue to yourself and to her, then, most probably, you will end up chasing her instead of her pursuing you. Bear in mind that honesty is still the best policy.

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