Advice for frustrated guys who can’t understand why she stop texting back

Posted on 30th June 2012 in Dating Tips

When you are out strolling, or in a bus, you can happen to hear a man claiming, my girl stopped texting me. Well, this is something most men say to their fellow men. Really, there is nothing wrong in confiding and seeking advice, for a woman to stop talking to a man; he may have done something wrong.

Once you’ve read this article, you’ll have more knowledge about ways to ask a girl out over text and text flirting than most guys ever will.

There are several reasons why women can stop talking to men. However, the foremost reason is bad behavior. Most women love being, treated well every time, and if you transmit to them any inappropriate message, the trouble begins and you will not like it at all.

You may have just met a girl, and talking to her is fun. To maintain this conversation for a long time, you need to be selective with the words. May be you have feelings for her, and wondering how the message will be received. These are some of the situations that require tolerance as Rome was not built in one day.

The messages that you text should make her happy. At times just call to say good morning and then hung up. Such moves will arouse her feelings and make her want you more. The texts you are sending her should be humorous enough to catch her attention. This way, a started conversation may last the whole night.

Having a woman close as friends is the key to winning the heart. This will also provide enough time to appreciate each other. For a man to be depressed because a woman declined to talk is unheard of if truly, he calculated his words appropriately.

The phrase that a girl stopped texting me should be unheard of, if proper communication method is followed. Women are loving and kind. Therefore, they should be accorded proper treatment. Doing things the wrong way is a recipe for heartaches, and you would not like it.

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