Date Chinese Women With The Help Of These Tips

Posted on 12th February 2015 in Dating Tips

If you want to date more Chinese Women and achieve success in life, it is mandatory that you take more risks. You need to change your habits and approach life with a positive perspective if you really want to attract more beautiful women in your life. Everything will be much easier with these tip


You will need to recognize the “Gate Keepers”. You will need to get involved in some “gate keepers” relationships if you are serious about dating Chinese women.

You will find it hard to enter a group of Chinese women if you don`t know their gate keepers, since most of them hang out and spend most of their time out in groups. Once you get a friend to introduce you to the group, everything will become much easier for you.

The first thing that you can do is to build a network of Chinese female. You can easily turn into the organized of social activities in case you are ready to go to the next level. Arrange a dinner party and invite your gate keepers along with some of their single female friends.

Arrange an outdoor picnic. Usually, the gate keeper is the one that handles this task, but you can take this responsibility on your own shoulders. Promise them that they will have lots of fun if they come. This is a great way to the introduced to beautiful Chinese ladies group , so don`t miss it.

Read their body and verbal signs. I had difficult times in the past in understanding body language. Moreover, I missed numerous opportunities to make friends with Chinese Women simply because I did not notice a particular sign or I was too stupid to understand their hints!

The fear of getting rejected was always a problem for me. You will surely make your life easier if you know how to read the attraction signs. You will surely communicate much easier with beautiful Chinese females if you start spending more time around them.

Finding a beautiful Chinese women is only the first step. If you are serious looking for a serious relationship and want to find a perfect Chinese wife to marry, it takes great efforts to maintain the relationship. I wish you good luck and hope you can find your dream girl very soon. It’s time for take action!

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Here’s What To Do When A Girl Doesn’t Text Back

Posted on 25th July 2012 in Dating Tips

I’m going to tell you about when you should text a girl you just met and things you can do if a girl does not respond to your text.

In this article, you are going to read about text messaging girls and flirting over text.

There might be some controversy over this, but I think you should send your first text to a girl within 24 hours of you meeting her. If you wait any longer than that, then you risk her losing some of the attraction that she felt for you when you first met.

If you want to avoid the awkward, “Who is this?” response, then you should follow this advice.

Most of the time, I will just text a girl back within 5 or 10 minutes of talking to her. It’s natural and it takes advantage of the attraction you created when you met her.

If you are worry about this coming off as too eager, don’t worry! As long as your text is casual and playful, you won’t have this problem. Just follow the guide lines that I’ve set out in my other articles.

Here’s what to do if a girl doesn’t text you back.

So what do you do when a girl doesn’t respond to your text? This can happen sometime and it’s no big deal. Just don’t give up.

Here a good rule to use when a girl won’t text you back:

If she did text you back, wait a day then text her again. Still no response? Wait two days, then text her back. Still no response? Wait three days, then text her back.

And the important thing to remember is that your text to her should not be needy or angry. In fact, the attitude to take is that you didn’t even notice that she didn’t text you back and just start the conversation with some random thread.

Now if you want to learn more about texting a girl, you should check out all the other free trainings I have over here.

There a tons of great information for you there.

And make sure you leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Did you agree with what I said? Disagree? Just drop me a quick line to show me you’re alive.

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Why You Should Know The Funny Text Messages To Send To Girls

Posted on 12th July 2012 in Dating Tips

After getting a girl’s phone number, the other significant thing is to understand the type of information to give. Continuous communication brings emotions, and you can take this advantage. Nevertheless, if you want to get closer to a woman better and faster, then understanding the right funny text messages to send to girls cannot be overemphasized.

Once you’ve read this article, you’ll know more about sweet text messages to send to a girl you like and text game pua than most guys ever will.

A number of men normally do not see the need to send an early message to a woman. However, what they are missing is that, women love to read messages in the morning, and it will be better if it is humorous. It makes them smile and think about you all day. Such texts will make a girl look for you very soon.

Building of interest is always the best weapon available to men over women. Simple but funny texts such as good morning and including scarlet at the end will surely arouse her feelings. Well, being creative is the most important issue here.

How about, sending a girl text message saying good, morning, scarlet. It may look simple, but any woman who receives such a message early in the morning will be flattered and think about you all day long. You might just get a response like good morning Rhett. This normally opens the door for witty and cocky comments, as women love it.

Nevertheless, you need to be a little mysterious and keep her guessing as to what might be sent next. Drop her these texts in a playful manner as women do not like serious guys, it really puts them off. The most important thing is to keep her smiling and remember you all the time. Men always take these little things for grunted, yet they make all the difference.

Knowing the right funny text messages to send to girls is significant. That is why the idea of morning comes into place. Well, build attraction first before meeting the girl, the field is all yours.

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