Looking For A Life Of Inner Calm?

Posted on 4th November 2011 in Dating Tips

When faced with a life of turmoil it becomes almost impossible to consider that it can be any different. Furthermore, during the turmoil, a life of inner calm seems unattainable. The turmoil could be due to financial problems. It might be as a result of abuse. Being overworked. Drug induced. Caus

ed by a particular life style.

Children might have become unmanageable. You could be in an unwanted relationship. Separated from a partner due to any number of reasons. It could be a separation due to work. You might not know which way to turn. Or what to do about it. You might be unemployed. You might have retired but don’t know what to do with all the free time you have.

As can be seen from the aforementioned it might be a variety of things causing the turmoil. You might even be contemplating or be on the verge of suicide due to the extent of the continued turmoil. And not to minimize the situation, it might seem that nothing can be done about the turmoil. Although it might seem that the situation is extreme: what would you say to: YOU CAN DO something about the turmoil, even if it’s unrelenting?

Here is how! Whenever we find ourselves in any position, it doesn’t matter what situation or what caused it or how we got there, we need to reflect on this: do we play any role in creating the turmoil? Yes, we certainly do!

We can of course say no, we don’t. We can even be dumbfounded by it being suggested that we consider having played a role in creating the turmoil. No matter what, we in fact play a role in all that happens to us. Subconsciously we even wish turmoil on ourselves. Even harsher things, like pain or disaster! How do we do this?

Consider this. Our body breathes, walks, sees and hears. Take sports people: look at what they’re capable of doing and all at once. Our beings can be seen as super computers processing many things at the same time. In taking this a step further, our brains are powerful organisms, to the extent of processing tens of thousands or even millions of instructions at the same time. Some of those even automatically. We’re unaware of this happening. And we do not need to tell our brains what the instructions are. It knows where to send what instruction.

When our being malfunctions, it still processes the instructions, and at lightning speed. To the extent that we are oblivious to what is going on behind the scenes. When our confidence is low or down, or our self-esteem got knocked throughout our life, large or small knocks, intermittent or continuous knocks, our being is not functioning as it can. Our lives become stinted. The energy flow is stinted. We do not think straight. We get into a mode of self-preservation. We do things not to live naturally but to self-preserve. Our organism makes those decisions at lightning speed as self-preservation. Thus to protect. Those decisions aren’t of us creating, instead they are of us destroying.

Why? Our organism is programmed from a young age to protect us as a result of the knocks we sustained. We’ll continue protecting ourselves until we see our ways. Why does protecting ourselves destroy? Because there is nothing to protect. The knocks we receive are not a reflection of what or who we are. We played a nasty on ourselves. We firmly believe we need to protect. The need for protecting means we do not we feel we’re worthy in our own right. Yet we are. By being in protection mode we are not being ourselves. We break ourselves down. We are responsible for our knocked self-esteem in this way, automatically.

Therefore the root cause of our turmoil is that our self-esteem is low and we do not feel secure in our own right. We thus protect. When on a self-uncovering journey, we uncover these dynamics so you can see where and how they fit into your life. Once seen, and you decide enough is enough; you can stop continuing the pattern.

Living your optimal life is about you living without protecting, without wanting to disprove, just living naturally, and your energy starts flowing unhindered and unstinted. You start living your beauty. You go into creation mode. Where you create with your life. Not protect -not destroy- you see your beauty, and live that – and you’re not ruled by your knocked self-esteem.

Emmanuel van der Meulen is personal coach. He can help you with overcoming your fears. Request your free optimal life newsletter.

The Internal Giant

Posted on 3rd November 2011 in Dating Tips

Look: diets and the like only treat the symptoms. Are you growing from one clothing size to the next? Or have you stopped gaining weight but would rather weigh far less? Does it seem there is nothing you can do?

Wouldn’t you like to know what the root cause is of why you’re gai

ning weight or have gained weight and seemingly can’t do anything about it? Have you considered that there might be a slumbering giant waiting inside you, wanting out? But, not seeing how that might occur and thus instead of manifesting as you would, naturally, you as slumbering giant are manifesting internally!

Let’s say you want to do something specific with your life. This can be any of a number of things. For instance:

Leave a relationship you know doesn’t work. Begin a business of your own. Get out of a job that you just don’t want to be in anymore. Or you may live in a neighborhood that does not suit you. Maybe you’d like to go back to school.

But as you consider this, you feel you cannot: Because if you do you’ll lose your security. You’ll be homeless. You won’t have the necessary funds to take care of yourself. You’ll need to give up on your children. You won’t have a job.

Recognize the fear of the possible consequences. Slow down. Any of these possible consequences might be the case. For sure. But they need not. Could you make the decision? Be clear on what you want to do. There might be doubts. For sure.

But could you make the decision? Recognize the doubts?

Despite these considerations and fears and doubts, you stop in your tracks, make the decision and then make a concrete plan to get from where you are to where you want to be? So you make the decision, make the plan and then work the plan.

Whatever you’re thinking, wait! Do you recognize that however you do it, and why you do it, doesn’t matter right now? But that you do it does matter. Had you taken that first step, who knows how your life might have changed? Who knows how your life would turn out?

As indicated here, by holding back and justifying why you shouldn’t, you’re thus not living how you’d rather live. That means you’re manifesting internally, what you’d rather do externally. Keeping the slumbering giant trapped inside. And the more you do it and the longer you do it, the more weight you’ll gain or the longer you retain the weight you have accumulated.

Emmanuel van der Meulen is personal coach. He can help you with overcoming your fears. Request your free optimal life newsletter.

Make Your Life Happen!

Posted on 15th October 2011 in Dating Tips

How would you reply to this question? “Should someone make it happen for you?” If you want to embark on a journey with me to uncover your optimal life, and have patience with yourself and journey where you’ve not been before, ever, yet some of it will seem familiar, then letR

17;s journey together.

“What do you want most in your life?” Even more pertinently: “What do you want most with your life?” Some people would say, some fancy car, or a stylish house or a power job or branded clothing, jewelry: and this list could go on and wrap planet earth.

How many people recognize they’d want peacefulness in their lives? Or a quiet and relaxed life? Or clarity for their life?

When you quiet yourself, and ask, “What do I want more than anything?” what is it that you’ll say? I offer you that. I offer you that which you want most. When it comes down to it, I bet it won’t be earthly possessions, rather how you’d like to live your life! How you’d like to experience your life! I offer you that.

And all the possessions aren’t excluded at all. They’d have a different meaning for you. Humankind attempts to derive value from say, a car, which is only transport. On our journey, the reason for such behavior is explored fully. You’ll see possessions for what they are. That doesn’t mean you’ll have a car that is falling apart. Not likely. You’ll have a reliable car: even upmarket: yet merely as a means to an end and not to derive value for yourself from it. At the foundation of our journey to uncovering your optimal life, you see firsthand why you might feel you need to obtain value from your car, and such possessions. Note, this is the case with all belongings, where we attempt to derive value from them.

Once you uncover your optimal life, and the reason you weren’t aware it (your optimal life) existed, the clarity gained puts a new viewpoint on everything. Such that you cannot imagine.

Although at the time I had no idea (yes, I now recognize subconsciously we know much more than we realize), I always felt something was wrong in my life. The reality after I awoke to my optimal life was different to before -indescribably different.

Usually we go for things which we have to serve. When you’re living your optimal life, you create everything you desire. You have balance and know what it is you desire. And what you desire serves you. The previous behavior ends! We strive for what serves us: that which compliments and contributes to our optimal life.

You might already be at a point of extreme anxiety. You might have arrived where your life borders on being traumatic. You might even be living a traumatic life. When I started on my journey, I was living a traumatic life. I experienced each day as hell. I didn’t know what I wanted with my life. I had no clarity. Going through each day caused anxiety. I didn’t know which way to turn.

With insight into the workings of my life and what made me tick, I embarked on my own uncovering journey. I got myself out of the anxiety and the trauma I experienced each day. I uncovered the clarity for my life. I gained the wisdom for my life. I started functioning with an increasing quality of life. Slowly I gained confidence. No matter where you find yourself currently, the principles behind our optimal lives apply equally to each of us. You can start your journey from wherever you are right now.

What’s most important though, is that you uncover why you do what you do. That you start to see your optimal life and what it would be like to live optimally.

What it would be like to live with clarity, to live in peacefulness. Where each day you journey and do the things you like doing. Where you make your life happen for yourself!

Are you ready to take the first step of your uncovering journey?

Emmanuel van der Meulen is a life awareness coach. He can assist you to understand more about the causes of ailments, including emotional ailments. Request your free newsletter!

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