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Posted on 13th March 2012 in Dating Tips

Confidence is everything in life, and you’re going to find that it affects everything that you do in some way, whether large or small. Take something like Tao Of Badass reviews for example. This system is all about what you need to do so tha

t you can develop the confidence necessary to retake the control of your life.

That means it’s a guide that’s going to show you everything that you’ve ever wanted to know when it comes to how to run your life, and what you need to do to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Really it’s about having confidence, not about being tough. You have to make people see your confidence in yourself, and that alone is enough to really get them to respond to you.

Just a simple eBook like Tao of Badass can help you find so much more meaning and happiness, and once you start up you’re going to be amazed at how actually easy it is for you to change yourself.

Confidence is really everything in life, and it’s what’s going to lead to your greatest successes. Conversely a lack of confidence is going to lead to your greatest failures as well, so it’s something that you have to realize is a possibility.

It’s really hard to change the way that you think, so that you can develop a more positive attitude or outlook about all things going on in your life. But what you’re going to discover t through this eBook, is that the simple methods can have massive repercussions.

What you’re going to discover in this Tao of Badass review, is that Joshua Pellicer has a 3 step system to changing what you think that works extremely effectively. This is going to have you completely changing everything that you currently think about yourself, so that you can become a different person completely.

As long as you’re prepared to make a real change in your life, you’re going to find that you’re capable of achieving literally anything. It’s just a matter of having the faith that you can accomplish what Joshua Pellicer will help you to do.

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What I learned About Women And Attraction…

Posted on 5th March 2012 in Dating Tips

“No doubt I was going to give him my phone number. ” To be fair it wasn’t actually what he said. It was the way he handled himself….”

That is the conversation I overheard as I shamefully listened in to a conversation of three women on a train. I was struck by

what was said because I had assumed that telephone numbers are procured by what you say, not your body language.

Then I wearily remembered having read somewhere that all body language is subconscious and humbly acknowledged to myself that some guys have it and some don’t.

I was about to consign it to the back of my mind, but on a whim I checked Wikipedia and discovered that, according to James Borg, ‘human communication consists of 93 per cent body language…..while only 7% of communication consists of words themselves’.

I was struck like a train by this comment. For what reason had I spent so much time working on what I said to women? In all reason it’s because of all the films showing a guy pick up a woman with a cool chat up line. But how can we uncover more about body language?

All in all I am not conscious of my body, however there are times when I’m totally in my body and aware of it and this is usually when I’m feeling in an upbeat mood.

Is there anything we can actually do about our body language attraction? And if this is possible, how effective is dictating our own body language in creating self-confidence and…let’s be honest…attracting the opposite sex?

I knew from personal experience that some of the most important spiritual movements since the birth of the 20th century, such as twelve step recovery and Landmark Education, all stress the importance of acting yourself into a new way of thinking.

So I supposed why on earth we couldn’t do the same with body language?

And when you look at the huge percentage of our communication which is achieved through ours bodies, had anyone really looked into how to harness this power of body language to not only change our inner being but also to attract a mate. We could call this power… body language attraction.

I studied up on this area and to be frank, it pretty much the same old thing until I happened upon Rob Brinded’s, codeofthenatural.com.

Curious to find more about a free report into ‘top 10 secrets to reprogram your body language to trigger attraction in women’, I eventually had to buy his multimedia eBook and have, much to my surprise, that his work is highly effective and thoroughly under-priced for what you get.

With just a handful of easily assimilated movements my confidence generally has gone through the roof, and I can’t stop approaching women I’m attracted to!

It seems to me that the area of body language attraction is being totally overlooked and underestimated – there really IS something in this.

Funnily enough we have been much slower that our friends in the animal kingdom in understanding the huge role of body language in attracting the opposite sex. Next Time I sit down to watch a nature documentary, one thing is for sure, I am going to be showing those guys a lot more respect.

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