How To Have A Successful Long Distance Relationship In College

Posted on 6th June 2013 in Dating Tips

Are you setting off for University but wanting to maintain your relationship? I don’t want to give you any false hope. It can be hard! But it can be done with just a little bit of hard work. Here’s the best advice to help you along the way.

Distance Relationships In College

Make The Rules First

You will need to establish some ground rules before you leave each other. Discuss how long you will talk on Skype each day. Talk about how often you plan to call one another. Who will visit who? How often will you visit each other? If you get the ground rules set before you leave, you will save yourselves lots of stress later when you realise you have no plan.

Trust Each Other

Being honest and having trust in each other is vital to the success of your long distance relationship. Before you leave each other, be sure you trust your significant other one hundred percent.

What are the ways that you can grow the trust between you? Imagine scheduling a Skype date with your partner. You order food and get a movie ready to watch together on Netflix. Then they tell you that they can’t make it. Imagine how you would feel? Disappointed. Upset. And you would undoubtedly trust your partner less as a result. Imagine if it became a regular occurrence. Your trust for them might completely dwindle away. Be sure you don’t let each other down too often when you have established plans.

Technology Is Your Friend

Take note of the following words if you want to have a successful long distance relationship. Netflix. Relationship counselling books. Skype. Remember to make use of anything you can that will help your relationship stay steady. The best thing you can do right now is invest in your relationship. Use an internet phone service, such as Skype, to call your partner. By saving the money that you would have spent on making long distance phone calls, you could put it towards something that will help the relationship grow. Why not get a Netflix account so that you can watch a movie together over Skype? Relationship counselling books will also help out a lot. The books you should read are specifically written to assist couples that are in a distance relationship. They have a lot of great information to share and can really help build the trust between you.

Remember To Be Positive

Chances are good that a lot of your family and friends are telling you that you don’t need a long distance relationship at this important time in your life. You should respect their opinions, but only you and your partner know your relationship best. What might not have worked in the dating world thirty years ago, can work today. Take up a hobby to distract yourself. Plan on visiting your partner often. And be positive!

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How to Get Over a Fight in a Long Distance Relationship

Posted on 5th May 2013 in Dating Tips

It’s likely to happen. Sometimes you can’t do anything to stop it. There are bound to be a few disagreements when a pair of individual people come together. But it’s totally natural. But we know it’s hard to get over a fight when you are so far apart, so we’ve outlin

ed a few suggestions below to help you through the situation.

Things to Remember During a Fight

Choose Your Words Wisely

Often when people get into a heavy fight they completely lose control and they occasionally say stuff to one another that they wouldn’t even dream of saying in a regular conversation. We realize you might be angry. And sometimes it may be their fault entirely. But remember to pick your words carefully. Be sure to take some long deep breaths and think it over before saying anything. This can help to guard your lovers feelings and is sure to speed up the making-up process.

Stop The Contact Until Both of You Are Cooled Down

It’s no good talking to them while you are still upset with them. The best idea is to end all communication until you both have cooled down and are ready to make up with each other. No text messages. No phone calls. No Skype.

The Making-Up Process

Forget About Placing The Blame

It’s not about who’s to blame. It’s about what the issues are, and how to handle them in the future. If you argue over something that they don’t really like about you, then it could be time to change that something they don’t like. A lot of couples have an, “I’m not gonna change for anybody” attitude in a relationship. Take it from us, the ones that do change are the ones that have a stronger relationship.

Remember That You Are A Team

As you grow closer together, you have to learn to make decisions together. These choices will determine your future. You are both in the relationship because you love each other, and you both want the same positive final result. Just remember that you are each on the same team.

Send An Apology Letter

A nice touch after you have made up is to mail your companion a letter saying that you are sorry for hurting their feelings. Try to make your feelings about the argument known, but remember to let your lover know that you do not want to argue anymore. Possibly send a present along with it, or a photo that will help remind them of a joyful time you both spent together.

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How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Posted on 17th April 2013 in Dating Tips

Whether it’s your first time in a long distance relationship or you’ve had plenty of experience with it, it is likely you may think that there are many secrets about how to have a successful one. But don’t worry, if you know the golden rules, you’ll give your relationship

the best chance possible.

Have No Secrets

What’s the greatest secret on how to succeed as a long distance couple? Have no secrets at all. Share everything and don’t keep anything what so ever from your partner. It’s best practice to communicate thoughts or daily events that could cause a problem in the relationship even if you live in the same house, and it’s still the same with a distance relationship.

Have A Strong Foundation of Trust

Possibly the most vital rule for long distance couples is trust. Before making the commitment, you should evaluate how much you trust your partner and set out the parameters of the relationship. If you’re married you should already have a strong sense of trust for each other, and so building upon that trust with healthy communication will only build it further.

Make Long Term Plans

I’ve found that planning the next trip to see each other before the current one has ended has really helped to give couples something to look forward to. You should of course think very hard about your future together. If you both aren’t planning a long term commitment, it’s going to get quite thin quite quickly.

Express Your Feelings

It does you no good to bottle all of your feelings up. If you are unhappy with your partner, tell them about it. Don’t keep it all inside for fear of damaging their feelings. They are supposed to be there for you, and a relationship is something that the both of you have to work on. The procedures I’d encourage taking are to bring up the issue, understand the issue, then both agree on the best way to overcome the issue.

Communicate With One Another

Another crucial rule to a successful long distance relationship is communication. Always remember, communication is key! Download a free internet phone service and make sure you leave time to talk every single day. Call, text and make your loved one a part of your life.

Have Long Distance Dates

Having a few internet dates can be quite a relief during those long periods apart from each other. Ideas can be anything from star gazing over the phone to a romantic Skype dinner date. Remember to be creative and you will always keep your partner interested.

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