Advice For Avoiding Dry Skin During Cold Weather

Posted on 30th August 2011 in Dating Tips

Winter brings cold weather for most of the globe. Chances are, you experience cold weather in the winter and your skin is not that happy about it. Cold weather can be very tough on your skin, and the heating we use to keep ourselves warm means winter dryness isn’t far behind.

Lips: Y

ou need to protect your lips when the mercury in the thermometer drops. First thing to remember, when your lips feel dry do not lick them.

This seems strange, because licking dry lips feels like the right thing to do to re-hydrate them. Instead, every time you lick then they get drier. You want to use a lip balm, instead. Lip balm can help rehydrate your lips, and will help prevent drying in the first place.

Face: You have to be certain to moisturize in cold weather. You need to pay attention to the weather but also to your skin type and needs. It can be helpful to consult with a specialist before you decide which product to buy. They can help you decide which product would be perfect for your needs.

Hands: Hands tend to get very dry in winter. This is because t he skin here is the thinnest on your entire body. Also, there are very few oil glands in the skin on your hands. This adds up to wintertime dryness.

Moisturizers are a good first line of defense. You also need to remember to be careful with gloves. Wear cotton gloves under wool gloves, so that you don’t have itching and irritation. And remember, wearing wet gloves is a disaster for your skin. Your hands will chap.

Feet: Don’t wear wet socks. It’s the same idea as not wearing wet gloves. Wet socks can cause your feet to get chapped and irritated. Snow boots and heavy winter shoes can also take a toll on feet. You will want to step up foot care in cold weather, and be sure to exfoliate regularly. If you don’t exfoliate, your moisturizer probably won’t penetrate adequately.

There are other general tips that may be helpful as well. Pair heater use with a humidifier use – heaters dry out the air but humidifiers add moisture back. In previous generations, people would place blows of water near ducts for this purpose but that doesn’t work so well. Also, remember that the sun still shines when the weather is cold. Don’t skip sunscreen!

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